NC-ASTA All-State Festival Info (Postponed to October 2022)

2022 Conductor & Clinician:  Doug Spata

DSWe are excited to announce that this year’s Conductor and Clinician is internationally renown composer and  educator Doug Spata.  Though he is a clarinetist by training, Doug Spata’s experience as an orchestra teacher has led him to compose primarily for strings. His unique style has made his works favorites among teachers, students and audiences and his award-winning music has been performed around the U.S. and the world. Besides music for student musicians, Mr. Spata has composed an opera, ballet scores, symphonies and many other orchestra and chamber works for ensembles of all sizes.

Doug Spata was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1975 but spent a short span of his childhood in Kandy, Sri Lanka – an experience that sparked the lifelong interest in world cultures that informs much of his music.  Mr. Spata’s other interests include, art, movies, and history, all of which have influenced his compositions. He currently lives in Ohio.


This clinic is open to all students in grades 5-12 who are sponsored by current NC-ASTA members. Sponsors will be asked to provide their membership number at registration.

Want to become an NC-ASTA member?  Please click Here to apply.

The application committee will determine the orchestra’s size and scope based upon the number of applicants. If there is suitable interest, the application committee will consider opening a second group.  Students will be grouped by ability level and not by age. The size of the orchestra(s) may also be limited due to facility constraints.


All applications are due:  Friday, September 16, 2022

The application committee will be responsible for participant selection based on: Student Application, Recorded Excerpts, Teacher Recommendations, and the Maximum Size of the Orchestra.  As a teacher, please rank and rate your students based on their current ability, and not on potential.


Please read the following Documents before submitting Teacher and Student Applications!

Both Forms 1 and 2 need to be completed by the Sponsoring TEACHER ONLY!
Please DO NOT let students complete these forms for you.  

Students who record their audition videos will need to forward those on to their teachers – where the teacher will attach those videos to the application.

Complete these (2) Google Forms:

Form 1: Director Information
You will need to complete this form for each organization you represent.
(i.e. private studio, youth symphony, or school.)

Form 2: Student Information
You will need to complete this form for each student you wish to sponsor.  (Please note that you will need to have (1) video audition excerpt/scale ready to upload for each sponsored student.)

Teachers:  Must be current NC-ASTA members and will serve as chaperones for their students at all activities.  If the sponsoring teacher cannot attend, he/she must submit a written request (10) days in advance to the Event Chair and the NC-ASTA President requesting permission for a substitute to take his/her place.  This substitute will need to be an active NC-ASTA member.

Students: They are required to be in attendance for the entire day.  Students who are selected for a chair and do not participate will be barred from participation for the next year.

Questions? Contact:
Aaron Craven

Festival Chair & NC-ASTA Past President